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Roger Radio's The Mighty Beast!

We hope you enjoyed our video of our performance of Roger Radio's The Mighty Beast which was written by Oddsocks Artistic Director Andy Barrow and Creative Producer Elli Mackenize.  The video was recorded at a performance of the show at Jersey Arts Centre Channel Islands in 2012.

Cast:  Andy Barrow, Kevin Kemp, Rebecca Stokes and Mark Peachey


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The Comedy of Errors

A servant and master from far off Syracuse arrive in Ephesus in search of their long-lost twin brothers.  In no time at all they are trapped in a terrifying chain of chaotic events.

Tormented by a wild wife, a moody mistress, challenged by a crazy jeweler and damned by a demonic doctor the terrified twosome run headlong into a climactic happy ending which defies all probability.

A summer delight not to be missed!


“Outrageously funny, a joy, with neatly-engineered slapstick”



“This is ensemble playing at its most compelling”